Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer is getting more serious about itself. The strawberries around here, anyway, are beginning to ebb. My black raspberries are just on the verge of ripe.

I put up lots of berries. This year I also intend to make some wines and vinegars. Wild blackberries are common, as are elderberries. I'll freeze a bunch of them, and my black raspberries for jams and jellies that I'll make later on, and I'm not sure how much wine and vinegar I'll make. It depends. The wild blackberry vinegar is one of my favorites, and I've never made or tasted elderberry vinegar.

I rescued a baby bunny from my cat yesterday. Before it revived I took advantage of it's stupor to cuddle it and swoozle it. It had a small white blaze on top of it's sweet head. I wonder where that came from? I released it far from my cat's range. Now it only has to look out for hawks, and owls, and coyotes, and foxes, on and on. It's Hell when you are the favorite food supply for just about everything you share a world with. My mother used to tell me that when I complained about whatever--"You think you've got problems, try being a rabbit."

Anyway, I've got to get moving--
Adios, and Blessings


  1. Oh, your garden sounds wonderful and preserving all that food. That's wonderful!! The baby bunny story reminded me when we lived in New Mexico, our cat would regularly bring in baby bunnies for us to rescue. One day we found him trying to drown the bunny first in the toilet - we were able to rescue it and kept the lids down from then on...:) Silke
    P.S. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!

  2. Good Morning,
    SO glad you were able to rescue the Bunny...
    The Blackberry Vinegar sounds good...
    Hope all is well, Your cards will be done when I see you on Tuesday for class...
    Have a Happy 4th!!