Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey All

I spent all last summer making rugs, and didn't get enough time to soak up the intensity of a Northeast summer. This year is a different matter. I watch every little bit of it happen, and mark it's passing.

The first berries have come and gone. The first garden greens are pretty much past. The cool, rainy weather brought on everybody's broccoli with a vengence. My daughter and I froze 3 bushels.

The blackberries are just starting. They will be lush this year with all the rain. Fine wine and vinegar makings. Elderberries too. Aside from freezing a goodly number, ( Elderberry pie at Thanksgiving is always pleases,) we'll be having Elderberry wine and vinegar.

I have to build a new potato bin not only for the potatoes, but it looks like there'll be lots of squash onoins and garlic.

I feel so rich when I look into our full wood shed, and my full freezers, and I've just started. This winter it's all gonna look like gold.

So, I'm gonna put on my blackberry picking duds, and head out. I hoep everybody's summer is as good for them as mine is for me.

The Maker's Blessings

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